My journey started in 2011 after 2 years my dad passed away. I started feeling need to help others with alternative methods.

Researching i come across Shaolin monks training. I discovered they trained in Qi Gong. Since that time i spent everyday till now researching and learning on the subject.

I started with Shaolin Ba Duan Jin of Shifu Yan Lei, Emei Qi Gong of Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, Kong Jin Qi Gong of Maser Huangren Zhong, Shaolin Neijin Yi Zi Chan, Han Yang Ru Yi Gong of Grandmaster Shao and many taoist practices for internal energy cultivation.

Qi Gong subject is like 360.000 styles. I choosed the one for medical purpose and for help others.

Medical Qi Gong need perserverance and daily practice to achieve a certain level.

After years we produce this External Qi and i can guarantee you, is a great blessing!


There are many reasons why Qigong,  could survive to the present day and become a popular exercise. One of the reasons is that when people could not get relief of sufferings and pain through modern medicine, it is natural for them to turn to traditional healing or Qigong for help.